Estate Planning

Do you want to improve the living conditions of your family or friends, or advance the causes of charitable or religious organizations now or at the time of your death? Would you like to provide for management of your affairs if dementia robs you of control in future years? If you answer “yes” to either of these questions, you can benefit from estate planning. Our services in this area of practice include:

  • We design and draft trusts, wills, beneficiary designations, etc. that provide for the distribution of your assets and at the time of your death and allow you to designate the persons you select to control your affairs at that time. 
  • We design and draft powers of attorney, conservators designations, trusts, etc. that provide for the handling of your affairs if you are incapacitated prior to the time you die. 
  • We assist you to minimize or eliminate transfer taxes (gift, estate and generation-skipping-transfer taxes) and maximize the assistance you provide to your chosen beneficiaries. 
  • We design and draft advance health care directives (sometimes called “living wills” or “death with dignity” documents) that can direct your medical care and put your designated persons in charge of medical decisions if you become incapable of making your medical decisions. 
  • We design and draft premarital agreements often advisable for persons marrying for a second or third time. These agreements can prevent the distortion of your estate planning because of laws giving your spouse an unintended share of your assets at your death. If you have children by a previous marriage and obligations to them or if you need to protect assets intended for beneficiaries who are not in the immediate family, a premarital agreement is something you should discusses with your lawyer before consummating a new marriage. 

We invite your estate planning questions and hope you will consider us as your legal resource in this important field.